Kiliii Fish brings all the inspiration

Kiliii Fish brings all the inspiration

And deerskin pants. He wore deerskin pants.

If you haven’t heard from us in awhile, it’s because we’re still reeling from the inspirational words of Kiliii Fish, the adventurer, kayak builder, photographer and friend of bears who spoke to us last month at our SHIFT series.




Kiliii is truly one of a kind. He’s an incredible photographer, of course, but what makes his story so compelling is that he truly lives the life that he captures on film. He built the kayak he used to shoot these amazing whale photos. He’s right there alongside the rock climbers he’s shooting. He hunts and sews his own deerskin pants. (It’s true. We saw them.) He survived a near-death kayaking trip where he barely made it to shore, only to meet a bear face-to-face. He even lived with it for two days. Eat your heart out, Walter Mitty.




He’s so full of life, it’s impossible to be anything but happy in his presence. He reminded us how exciting it is just to be alive. And for that, we are grateful.