Warning: This Will Make You Hungry

Warning: This Will Make You Hungry

It’s not easy taking photos of delicious food all day but someone’s got to do it. The team spent one full day on photographing the new LifeCafe 2015 menu, and one full day shooting compositions of ingredients that will be used for marketing materials, menu boards and window clings.

The LifeCafe tagline is, “If it’s here, it’s healthy.” With no artificial ingredients, organic fruit, milk and OJ, gluten-free breads, wild-caught fish, cafe-free eggs and free-range chicken breast, the LifeCafe embodies the healthy way of life. This new photography direction showcases our all-natural, farm fresh ingredients in a clean setting.




Our strawberry smoothies use real strawberries. Our breakfast menu items use real eggs. This composition highlights the freshness of our menu and our commitment to raw, healthy and all-natural ingredients that look good on their own. Here’s a sneak peek at the fruits of our labor:



CD: Mark Chapman

AD: Justin Schafer

Photography: Greg Auseth / Maki Strunc